Recon Jet Sunglasses

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Google Glass wasn’t the only wearable tech at Google I/O. Recon Instruments debuted its all-weather sunglass-mounted action camera computer.

If stylish, voice-activated Google Glass are all mouth and no trousers, the upcoming Jet smart glasses from Recon Instruments are exactly the opposite.

The only speech these rugged specs expect to hear is an adrenaline-soaked scream as you wrestle polar bears or pop a gnarly 360 on your dirt bike. As well recording HD snaps and video like an action camera, the Jet provides visual feedback via a colour microdisplay, showing speed, space, distance and navigation data.

If Google Glass looks a bit sci-fi, Jet is a fully-fledged member of the Borg. This is not a pair of smart glasses you’ll want to wear around town – and you can in fact detach the electronic components when not in use.

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