Razer Project Christine

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It’s a tree! It’s a ribcage! It’s…an incredibly modular desktop computer that allows users to easily swap in new components with minimal computer knowledge? And it’s designed by Razer? Wow.

Razer’s calling the concept Project Christine, and promises to open up the full power of PC hardware even to those with no technical knowledge.

Each of the branches on this industrial tree is a discrete component – a CPU, a GPU, a hard drive, memory – that simply plugs into the central backbone. Once slotted in, Project Christine automatically syncs the newly added module through the magic of PCI-Express.

As someone who has built and mucked around inside countless PCs, I’m not joking when I say this sounds like magic. The current model is basically: find the correct inputs and outputs for dozens of tiny components, snap them all together, and pray nothing breaks.

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