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When we first got wind of a throwable, 36-lens compound camera that automatically snaps 360-degree panoramas at the height of its toss, we were already impressed – and that was just the prototype. Now, the officially named Panono camera is nearly half its former size, just as powerful, and finally ready to be caught by consumer hands. And after playing around with the ball for a bit, we can officially say that, yes, it is every bit as awesome as it seems.

No longer will the flies and insects of the world mock humanity for lacking awesome compound eyes.

Currently, amateur-level panorama photos rarely come out looking anything better than awkward or, at the very least, mildly distorted. The Panono camera ball, though, gets rid of problems like distortion and ghosting by eschewing wide-angle lenses and patched together shots in favor of 36 perfectly timed cameras that capture every angle simultaneously. It can do all this thanks to a highly sensitive internal accelerometer that knows exactly when the ball has reached its highest point, allowing it to fire off each of its fixed-focus cameras during that split-second that the ball is barely moving.

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