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Smart light bulbs – like the Philips’ Hue connected bulbs or those from LG, GE or Samsung – are an easy jumping off point for those wanted to experiment in the “connected home” arena without the complexity or costs involved with the installation of a full “smart home” system. But even still, those bulbs aren’t cheap.

But a new company called Emberlight wants to make it easier and more affordable for you to enjoy the benefits of a connected bulb by offering a product that works with your existing lightbulbs. It also doesn’t require the “wireless hub” that ship with competing smart bulb products.

That company, called Emberlight, grew out of CEO Atif Noori‘s “hacking around” with Arduino boards last July. Born and raised in Silicon Valley to parents who had worked at places like Atari, A&D, and Digital Equipment, Noori’s own background is in the semiconductor industry. After receiving his PhD in semiconductor devices at UCLA, he spent 8 years at Applied Materials developing and shipping low-power technology products.

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